Mankato Monday Night

9/14/09 - New Adventure Begins

We explored Fallcrest and met a couple new interesting folks. We spoke at length with Naerumar, and received a new quest from him. He is holding our mirror that we found as collateral.
We completed our quest hooks for the religious and Arcane folks for +500gp.

New Locations:
  • Half-Moon Trading House – (#7) a shop for mundane goods
  • Naerumar’s Imports (#19) – Higher end and possibly black market goods
  • Silver Unicorn Inn (#6) – Nice Inn, recommended by Naerumar
  • Lucky Gnome Tap House (#28) – No where else will you find a more wretched hive of scum…and villany…

    New NPC’s:
  • Naerumar (forgot his first name) – Highly respected and very charismatic Tiefling. Shop owner of Naerumar’s Imports. Former Adventurer, we believe he was an accomplished rogue.

    New Quest Hook:
  • Delivery for Naerumar (+420g/+175xp) – Deliver package to Gendar and only Gendar in the 7 Pillar Hall in the Thunderspire Labrynth. He will give us a package in return to give back to Naerumar. Keep this on the DL!

After completing our business in Fallcrest we set out for Thunderspire and made it there uneventfully. We reached the entrance in the evening and decided to go in…we overheard some goblins harassing a halfling and chose to be do-gooders. What we thought was 2 or three goblins turned out to be a whole bunch…including a nasty war-caster…more to come on this encounter…
- Gizelle



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